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Home Packs w/c 1st February 2021

In the home learning packs this week we are looking at the letters 'C' and 'O', big, bigger and biggest and counting and tracing to 10.

If you require extra print outs please click below...

This week we are also working on visual memory and identification of patterns and similarity. Matching games helps children to learn about early representation and problem solving and can also be good for developing fine motor skills. Problem solving games can be great conversation starters for young children, helping to develop language and communication skills by asking questions and discussing the different animals in the game while playing along. The matching activity below can also be a great way to get creative, by colouring in the characters before cutting out.  

Who lives Here? 

Who do you think might live in this house? Get creative and draw the people, animals or funny creatures in each window! Then colour in the picture. 

We would love to see your finished work of art! Why not upload it to Tapestry or to our Facebook Page!

Easy Speedy Bird Cakes

Who doesn't love cake?!

Here is a simple, fun (and maybe messy), speedy bird cake recipe from the RSPB to really get your hands into. Click here for recipe.

Have a go and become a super seed bird feeder! 

Important notes

Not suitable for children with nut allergies. Note that bird seed, including peanuts bought for birds, is not suitable for human consumption.

For more information, great ideas and resources from the RSPB  click here

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