At Noah’s Ark we keep up to date and follow the latest advice and guidance from the government, NHS England, Public Health England and our Local Authority. We do all that we can to ensure that current safety measures are in place. 
To find out more of what early years providers need to do during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, you can read more below.

Noah's Ark Covid-19 Procedures

 On Arrival

  • Please do not arrive to Playgroup too early.

  • Please wear a mask where possible.

  • If you have driven to Playgroup, please stay in your car as long as possible to avoid a mass of parents congregating unnecessarily.

  • Can we please ask that only one parent/carer brings your child to Playgroup for drop off and collection.

  • If using public transport, please refer to the Government guidance that “Parents and children and young people should be encouraged to walk or cycle where possible and avoid public transport at peak times.” more information can be found here

  • All parents and children will be required to stand 2m a part on the grass between the main doors and the stone wall that runs along the pavement.

  • We will open the side gate to our outside play area at 9.00am. All children will then be asked to walk into the area independently with all their belongings. As soon as your child has walked into the secure play area, can we please ask that you leave the area promptly to avoid a gathering of parents.

  • Once all the children are in the play area, they will be taken in small groups and supervised while they wash their hands.

  • No parents will be allowed inside the building, following a strict hygiene routine that has been put in place. Your child will be supervised while washing their hands and accompanied into the hall.

  • We do ask to make this process as quick and safe as possible you refrain from discussing anything regarding your child with a member of staff at the gate.

  • If you are late to your child’s session, please use the main church doors and ring the doorbell.

  • Children will not be permitted to bring in their own item from home i.e., toys/blankets. Dummies are allowed if desperately required.

  • We will not be able to store pushchairs inside the church. If you bring your child in a pushchair, you will need to take it away with you. You can leave your pushchair outside the church building but this is at your own risk.


  • This will be similar to drop-off.

  • Please stay inside your car if possible until our door opens.

  • Please stand 2 metres away from other parents and clear of the metal ramp.

  • Please wear a mask if possible.

  • We will release children one at a time.

  • We will ask you to approach the bottom of the ramp one at a time.

  • Once you have taken your child and have cleared the area only then will we let the next child out.

  • As mentioned above there will be little opportunity to talk to staff about any questions concerns, if you do need to discuss something please text Helen to arrange a telephone call.


  • We will not be providing any toys/activities that cannot be disinfected quickly and sufficiently between uses.

  • Any activity/area used will be swapped periodically and the items in each area cleaned before next use.

  • At all times we will follow the statutory guidance from the Department of Education, more information can be found here 


  • Parent/Carers will be required to supply their child with a piece of fruit for snack time, this is to minimise the risk of possible contamination.

  • Fruit will need to be peeled (where appropriate), cut up and provided in a sealed container with your child’s name clearly written on it that your child can open and close themselves. 

  • You may need to practice this with your child beforehand.

  • Can you please ensure that all fruit is cut up appropriately as if it is not we will be unable to give it your child.

  • A portion the size of your child’s palm is an adequate amount of fruit to provide as a snack.

  • Every child will need to have with them a CLEARLY LABELLED water bottle/flask that they can confidently open and seal by themselves. This must contain water as this is for throughout the day.

Lunch time

  • Please ensure all food in your child’s lunch box can be accessed independently by your child. This is to reduce/eliminate staff contact with your child’s food. 

  • If your child is unable to open Crisp packets you can place them in a Tupperware, try to avoid cling film as this can be fiddly. 

  • Children can bring a separate juice drink for lunch time though please be mindful of Capri Sun style drinks that are notoriously difficult for children and staff to get the straw in! 

  • Can you please ensure your child’s lunch box is kept clean and wiped thoroughly at home. Most soft style lunch boxes can be washed in the washing machine.

Hand Washing

  • We will as always be promoting high standards of general hygiene and handwashing. 

  • Children will be washing their hands on arrival, before/after eating, after playing in designated small group areas, i.e. outside, after coughing/sneezing into hands (if visibly seen) and before leaving the setting. 

  • This may cause your child to develop sore or cracked skin. Please keep an eye on the condition of your child’s skin. Applying a barrier cream at night before bed can help ease any dryness.


  • To reduce the risk of contamination, please can you ensure that your child changes their clothing as soon as they arrive home.

  • Children should attend each day in a clean set of different clothes and not wear the same clothing twice without washing. We ask for different clothing to ensure our staff and the children’s safety.

  • Sun hats - Please can you ensure your child with a suitable summer hat for the summer weather, this will need to be CLEARLY LABELLED and identifiable by your child.

  • Sun Cream - Parents will need to apply a layer of sun cream to their child before their session starts. We will be unable to provide a “top up” of sun cream for afternoon sessions. Our outside area is very shaded and if it becomes extremely hot we will limit our time outside accordingly.

  • Please ensure you provide extra layers of clothing during colder weather, we are required to  keep the hall well ventilated, the doors to the hall will be open where possible.

Use of PPE

  • The government has advised against using face masks in an early year setting unless a child or adult is displaying symptoms linked to Covid19.

  • Any children wearing a mask on arrival will be asked to remove it themselves and if disposable place it in a secure bin themselves or if reusable place it in a sealed bag or container and place it in their bag themselves. They will then be required to wash their hands.

  • Staff members will wear suitable PPE (Apron/Gloves) when changing nappies and when routinely cleaning areas and equipment throughout the day.


  • To try and avoid unnecessary contact at drop-off and collection please try and make contact with any question or queries by text or telephone.

  • If a parent wants to arrange a confidential face to face meeting or virtual meeting, we can schedule this while adhering to social distancing rules.

If a child/staff member becomes unwell.

  • In the event of a child or staff member developing suspected coronavirus symptoms whilst at preschool, they must return home immediately and isolate in line with the governments guidance.

  • If your child begins displaying a continuous cough or a high temperature, we will contact you to collect them. While awaiting collection, your child will be moved to an area away from all other children and will be supervised by a member of staff.

  • If a child or member of staff becomes ill and shows symptoms of Coronavirus, then they must be tested. They will only be allowed back to preschool after a negative test result or appropriate isolation has finished.

  • If we have a positive case of coronavirus in playgroup all parents will be contacted. All children and staff that have been in contact with the person/child will be required self isolate as per government guidance. In this event Playgroup will close to all children until isolation has been served.

  • For more information on how to obtain a test and isolation periods please visit the website by clicking here.  If clinical advice is needed, the setting staff, parent or guardian should go online to the NHS website by clicking here