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Our Mission

“Play, Learn & Grow Together”

At Noah’s Ark Playgroup we provide a welcoming, friendly atmosphere and a safe and enthusiastic environment where children develop confidence, independence and resilience through their play.

We are committed to providing experiences that challenge and enrich our children, be positive role models for the children in our care, instil morals and provide our children with the tools to become sociable, confident and fulfilled human beings. Above all we want Playgroup to be FUN.

We are proud of our..

Lovely children

Caring and committed staff team

High quality teaching and learning

Parent/playgroup relationships

Inclusive curriculum ensuring every child is able to succeed

Our secure and stimulating environment where everyone feels valued and has opportunities to develop their full potential

Our Values

These values are promoted in everything we do

We are all important

Everyone is listened to

We all try our best

We all help each other

We respect differences

We all make a positive contribution

We try to make the right choices

We all take care of our Playgroup

We all help each other to be safe and stay safe

We make sure everyone has FUN.

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