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Home Packs w/c 22nd February 2021

This week at Playgroup we are learning about matching, sequences and memory. In the home learning packs there are some matching activities to complete and colour in,


Smelly Wellies Monster

Can you colour in our smelly monster and give his wellies a cool pattern?

For more activity ideas, useful websites and links click here.

Homemade matching games

Matching pic.jpg

Homemade matching games are a great way to strengthen your child's critical thinking and problem solving skills.

This is an easy to make matching game using household objects, that you and your child can make together. 

All you need is..



small household objects that are easy to draw around and easy to recognise. (cookie cutters, cutlery etc)

Draw around the objects on a piece of paper until the page is full of shapes, place the items in a bowl and have your little one see if they can match each item up with the traced shape on the paper. 

For different themed matching game ideas head to

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